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Note: Email is the best method of communication for all questions relating to the Aratani CARE award and/or technical issues.




Remember, the period for completing your proposed project cannot exceed 12 months, and support CANNOT be requested for an event completed prior to the application.

Please ensure that you have all the documentation and information BEFORE you start your online application process. ALL required documentation and information must be submitted through the online application process. Only complete applications submitted online will be considered. No partial submissions or late applications will be accepted.

You must apply through this website only. No physical mail or email applications will be accepted. Please note that once you submit your application online, the website will assign you an application number. Please make sure you record this number, as you will need to include this number in all future correspondence with the Aratani C.A.R.E. staff.

* all required items must be submitted/filed through the online application process


* Applicant:(Name of the organization/persons involved in the project who will carry out the work of the project): List the legal name, federal tax ID number/TIN (if relevant), address, phone number, e-mail.

List the name of the primary individual who should be identified in any published list of our applicants or projects. This is often the executive director or project director.


Project documents, including brief Curriculum Vitae or Resumes in separate section for key personnel.

* Abbreviated CVs or Resumes: not exceed 1 page per person for key personnel. If you have more than one individual associated with the project, please combine all abbreviated CV/resumes into one document to upload (as a PDF or Microsoft Word file).

* Project Title: the name you and your organization have agreed to use to describe the project.

* Project Summary: in one sentence, describe the project for which you are requesting support (what the project is; for whom it is intended; and where it will take place). This sentence may appear in any reports or publications of our funded partnership projects.

* Project Abstract/Description: not to exceed two pages.

Please provide: a brief description of the project, what it is, why it is important, what the objectives are, and what aspects of your project this funding request will cover. Also please explain how you will measure your outcome and your impact, and how things might be different as a result of this project.

Describe who is involved, and the approach the partners have developed to address the entire or part of the need or issue of focus, and why you feel this approach will be both innovative and effective. Set the project in the context of the local community in which it will take place or that it will impact, and describe the population or community members who will benefit from this project, and how they will benefit. What planning work has already taken place? Explain who will be doing the work proposed, and what the activities and strategies are that will be used to carry out the project.

What is the sequence of the overall project plan?

What new knowledge will be gained from this project?

* Project timeline: List the activities and milestones of your 12 months project plan.


* Budget justification: Provide detailed explanations, and cost breakdowns of any budget item requested, explaining how line items were calculated and why they are necessary. Include any other sources of funding or in-kind donation of support for this project. DO NOT request support for any items that we cannot fund. (Please refer to Funding Restrictions list.) Do not exceed 1 page. Must be uploaded as a PDF or Microsoft Word file.

Please do not request support for any items that we cannot fund. (Please refer to funding restrictons list.)

* Please click here to download a blank copy of the budget worksheet, in Microsoft Excel format. Complete the worksheet and save the file; upload this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with your document explaining your proposal. Applications without Microsoft Excel may download the Adobe Acrobat version of the budget worksheet (please click here for PDF). For the PDF version, please print, complete worksheet, scan to PDF format, and upload during the online process.


In order for your application to be considered, you must agree to acknowledge co-sponsorship by both the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Aratani C.A.R.E. Award in all project publications and materials.  Consideration for future Aratani C.A.R.E. funding will depend on acknowledgment of co-sponsorship.

Award recipients will receive access to the AASC logo and Aratani C.A.R.E. logo in a form that can be copied and pasted into your project materials where co-sponsors are listed.

Award Recipients: By applying and submitting your application for the Aratani C.A.R.E. award, you are agreeing to acknowledge both the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Aratani C.A.R.E. Award as Co-Sponsors of your project in all promotional material, programming, and other documentation.


Note: Email is the best method of communication for all questions (relating to the Aratani CARE award and/or technical issues).

If you have any questions relating to the Aratani CARE grant, please contact us via email:

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